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Reservations & Hostel Policy

Check-In Time 03:00 PM | Check-Out Time 11:00 AM

Our location has a few guidelines to keep harmony among guests:

1.) Prior to arrival, you need to complete the Guest Travel Information form. This will require you to upload a copy of your valid ID and CC for incidentals. It is strongly suggested you do this before your day of travel and arrival from a desktop/laptop computer.


2.) If there are other guests on-site, quiet time starts between 9 -10 pm, and then ends at 8 am in the common areas. Where are timers set up for the TV and most lights to shut off at 10 PM. Please do not attempt to circumvent these timers. *If you have rented the entire hostel or top floor these rules do not apply and the timers can be removed. Please just ask.

3.) You will be charged a cleaning fee when you create the reservation for your room cleaning upon departure. Please be courteous to other guests by cleaning up after yourself in the common spaces such as the living room, kitchenette/dining area, and bathrooms. 

4.) You will notice there are no garbage cans in the private rooms. If you let garbage linger in your room it creates a bug or rodent issue for yourself and other guests - as this is Hawaii and we have lots of them close to us in the jungle! There is a common area garbage can in the kitchennette. Please bag up any garbage you have and bring it to the main floor. Please do not put your food garbage in the bathroom garbage can, that is for bathroom products only like wet wipes, feminine hygiene, etc. You can set your bagged garbage right next to the red door (that leads outside) by the main floor bathroom and we will remove it from the property. Most places in Hawaii do not have trash removal so please help us keep our property nice and pest free! To that same point, each private room has a mini fridge and a plastic bin with lid for storing food. If you leave food out this will also attract rodents and bugs. Please secure your food items in either the fridge or the bin.


5.)  Keep the Check-In Door and the Top Floor Door closed and locked (automatically locks). Do not prop or leave the doors open as this creates a security issue for everyone staying here. To secure your own private room make sure that it is locked when you are not in there. We do not accept responsibility for lost or stolen items.

6.) Self Check-in time is anytime after 3 PM once you have completed your Guest Information Form. You are able to come and go as you please because all our doors have electronic door locks and each person chooses their own unique code when completing the Guest Information Form prior to arrival.

7.) This is a NO SMOKING or VAPING property. You must leave the property to smoke or vape. If you're suspected of smoking in any of the rooms or the suite, even outside on the grounds, you will be charged a fee of $200. This includes all smokeables. You can walk 25 ft feet down the road and be off the property so it's not far to go to indulge and keep our property smelling fresh!

8.) Breakfast is served in the cafe from 8 am - 10 am every day but Monday as we are closed on Mondays. The price for breakfast is included in your booking. That includes one entree and one beverage per person per day (except Monday of course).

Please contact Kimberleigh or Phoenix with any questions or issues:

The golden rule is to treat everyone with the kindness and respect as you would like to receive in turn. Mahalo and Enjoy your stay!

Cancellation Policy

Due to the busy and very last-minute nature of travel in our industry, we try to provide alternatives to cancellation such as rescheduling.

If you are canceling less than 24 hours from your booking check-in time we can not refund you.

Anything canceled after the time of booking till no more than 24 hours before check-in will be refunded at 25% of the total cost. Please contact us for any questions regarding this policy prior to booking.

If your reservation is canceled due to a violation of on-site rules (see above) you will not be refunded.

Promotional offers and vacation packages are NON-REFUNDABLE but you can reschedule for any time we have available at no extra cost to you.

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